Infinite variety
Up to 40 freely selectable ingredients

An almost endless variety of different cocktails can be created with up to 40 freely selectable ingredients. The perfect mix: every cocktail is precisely dosed in the shaker recipe. Your imagination shall know no bounds. The always-precise mixing ratio prevents excess pouring, thereby optimizing yield.

No limitation
For quantity and creation

Composing a cocktail is just as easy as mixing it. Whether a shot, cocktail glass or pitcher, the mobile cocktail bar not only conjures up classics like a Tequila Sunrise, Pina Colada, Caipirinha, Mojito and the like, but also any alcoholic or alcohol-free recipe you desire. From pineapple juice to grenadine to cream, your creativity knows no bounds when it comes to spirits, juices and syrups. Every ingredient can be freely combined in its mixing ratio, precise down to the millimeter. Select the ingredients, select the quantity, set the price, save it all and get going!