TENDER EVOLUTION the evolution of the cocktail machine

The future of cocktail machines starts now! A fascinating design and lots of gastronomic features that squeezes everything out of the technology of cocktail machines. The Tender Evolution is made for the bartending of tomorrow.

Mode of operation
Video: Functioning of the Tender Evolution

Focus on function. It doesn't get any simpler

A large touchscreen with simple operation makes the lengthy reading of an instruction manual a thing of the past. The intuitive user interface makes a perfect cocktail mixer out of any service staff. All you need is a touch of a finger. The quick process ensures higher sales and more satisfied customers. Wait times are reduced to a minimum.

In use
Video: Tender Evolution in use

Perfectly mixed. In a second.

Once programmed with the recipes of your favorite drinks, the precise computerized control of the individual ingredients ensures consistent quality - in seconds. The mobile cocktail machine prepares up to 20 cocktails in a minute – 1200 in an hour – in constant quality and precisely to the millimeter. Every cocktail is a success.