Technical features
That's how easy it is to make cocktails

The Tender Evolution is supplied via the space-saving bag-in-box system as well as via plastic canisters, which can contain juices, spirits and even cream. Pumps then convey these ingredients to the machine, which uses them to quickly, easily and hygienically mix cocktails.

Space-saving and low-priced

Supply times and space required are minimized by using spirits and juices in 10-liter bag-in-box containers. The environmentally friendly packaging can be disposed of easily and at a low cost.

Accessories: External tab system
Long drinks and shots are just as easy

  • Connection to the Tender Evolution system
  • Perfect design
  • Dosage precise down to the milliliter
  • Variable and programmable output quantity
  • Computer-controlled quantity recording
  • Network-compatible
  • Remote maintenance
  • No unwanted excess pouring
  • Space-saving
  • Brand presence for the industry
  • The technical details
    A brief overview

    Weight: 41 Kg.
    Current drawn: 600 W
    Overall width: 720 mm
    Overall height: 710 mm
    Total depth: 410 mm
    Technische Zeichnung
     Bag In Box